My Next Health to Support NFL funded University of Regina Research on Concussions and Pain Management

Release Date: February 3, 2022 6:15 p.m.

NEW YORK, Feb. 3, 2022 /CNW/ – My Next Health Inc. is pleased to announce its $400,000 USD in-kind support of the medical research team at the University of Regina in Canada, along with the $570,030 USD awarded from the National Football League (NFL) to investigate the use of cannabinoids – the naturally occurring compounds found in the cannabis plant – in the treatment of concussions and for pain management in football players. The medical team from Regina was one of two selected along with the University of California San Diego from 106 proposals initiated by the NFL and the NFL Players Association’s Joint Pain Management Committee in June of 2021.

The research will be led by Dr. Patrick Neary, an exercise physiologist and professor at the University of Regina’s Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies. Dr. Neary has been working in the area of concussion prevention and treatment for more than 15 years. “We are grateful for the cannabinoid formulations which are being provided by My Next Health for this study as well as their groundbreaking functional genomics-based insights into chronic pain. We believe My Next Health’s platform will revolutionize the way clinical trials will be conducted in the future and we look forward to working with their world class team to make this research a resounding success.”, said Dr. Neary.

Dr. Richard Heinzl, a Harvard and Oxford University educated global health specialist, is the Chief Executive Officer of My Next Health. He states, “We are very excited to work under Dr. Neary’s exceptional leadership and interdisciplinary team to improve the lives of all of those who suffer from the effects related to concussions including chronic pain. We commend the National Football League for providing funding to this most important research endeavor.”

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My Next Health Inc. (“MNH” or the “Company”) is incorporated pursuant to the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware. MNH’s vision is to improve human health, lower the cost of care and accelerate the world’s transition to precision medicine. The Company seeks to create a paradigm shift in the healthcare and wellness sectors by deploying proprietary genetic insights and therapeutics to clinical trials. The genetics insights were developed by MNH’s Chief Scientific Consultant, Dr. Mansoor Mohammed, whose research collaborations have been short-listed for a Nobel Prize in Medicine/Physiology. Dr. Mohammed has conducted over 10,000 groundbreaking case studies in developing a genomics-based platform that addresses how gene networks interact with epigenetic factors to inform patient health. MNH believes it can improve the results of clinical trials through refined patient stratification, better therapeutic allotment, and better prognostic prediction.

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For further information: Dr. Richard Heinzl, Chief Executive Officer, My Next Health Inc., Phone: +1 416 561 7007, Email: [email protected]